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Below are reports I shot and edited for our weekly current affiars show
"Waterfront TV" produced by my class at NSCC Waterfront Campus.

HRM Votes 2012 - District 10 Profile

As part of our HRM Votes 2012 election coverage each member of our class covered one of the districts. This is my profile of District 10 - Birch Cove, Rockingham & Fairview.

Report: Halifax Oval Update

Report for Waterfront TV on the usage of the Halifax Skating Oval. January 2013

Report: Reaction to Skye Halifax Proposal Rejection

Report for Waterfront TV taking a look at public reaction to Halifax Regional Municipality rejecting the Skye Halifax Project. November 2012

Report: Metro Transit Bus Safety

Report for Waterfront TV on the safety of Metro Transit busses after a recent shooting incident onboard a bus in Dartmouth. February 2013

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