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NSCC Radio & Television Arts Final Major Project

As part of our second year concentrations we are required to produce a final major project. For the Television Production concentration we work with a client to produce a project. For my project I worked with the YMCA of Cumberland in Amherst, NS, to produce two promotional videos for their association. For both of these videos I wrote, directed, shot, edited, created graphics on my own. The project ran from January through to April with the shooting taking place over 4 days in March.
Video 1: Growing Stronger


This is the first of two promotional videos for the YMCA of Cumberland. This video was designed to show YMCA Members and the public how the YMCA has turned itself around, into a now financially stable organization. The video discusses the YMCA's past, where it is today and where they are heading in the future.


Video available in HD on YouTube

Video 2: Strong Kids Campaign

This is the second of two promotional videos for the YMCA. This video concentrates on the YMCA's annual Strong Kids Campaign. The campaign is the YMCA's annual fundraising program that raises much needed funds to support youth, teens and families in being part of YMCA programs.


Video available in HD on YouTube

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