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Below are various graphics I have built during my time at CTV Atlatnic and in school at NSCC.

CTV Atlantic

These are a sample of the graphics I've produced while at CTV Atlantic.
Arthur's Aftermath Icon
Arthur's Aftermath Talkbox
Potholes Repaired

HRM Votes 2012 (NSCC)

In September 2012 the Radio & Television Arts class produced a special election show. I was responsible for the creation of the graphic package for the show.
HRM Votes Logo
HRM Votes Logo on Background
HRM Votes Lower Third
HRM Votes Host Super

Waterfront TV (NSCC)

I built the following for our weekly news magazine program at the NSCC Waterfront Campus.
Waterfront TV Weather
Waterfront TV Lower Third
Waterfront TV Host Super
Waterfront TV Banner
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